When you need client-centered, custom web development, you can count on Lycapixel to deliver on time every time.

About Us

Lycapixel was established in 1999 to serve businesses needing more than just a cookie cutter template for web site development. With customization from Lycapixel, you can maximize your web site’s communications and marketing potential and provide streamlined, trouble-free navigation for your users. Differentiation and value-added service are your keys to successfully capturing the attention of potential users in a crowded bandwidth. Unique communications problems need unique solutions. Lycapixel can help through customized and customizable programming, graphic integration, survey process and response mapping assistance, message intercepts, platform adaptability and custom web site development.

 Graphic assistance and production services are also available for those clients who prefer a one-stop shop for their communications needs.

No matter how unique your scenario, a site can be built to suit your goals, traffic levels and deployment schedule. Whether you need a site that’s customer-focused or for intra-company communications, we’ll program in any language compatible with your hosting configuration and user base limitations. Site hosting, tracking and maintenance is also available through Lycapixel.

Own Your
Perfect Website


Lycapixel is the call to make when you need a custom or customizable solution to any Web-based communications system. But we’re also on hand with our proprietary, ready-built solutions that can be purchased or leased for one-time or multiple uses.

These services will maximize your Web site marketing potential, help you track usage and streamline the way you communicate with your users on the Web. Ask us today about:

  • Custom Web Site Development
    • WordPress, Magento
  • Panel Site Development, Recruitment and Incentive Management
  • Survey Solutions
  • E-mail Communication
  • Viral Marketing
  • Overlay Intercept

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